Price Of Essential Oil and 15 Complete and Quality Essential Oil Products at affordable prices

Price Of Essential Oil The benefits of essential oils are increasingly recognized by many people. Besides being able to relax, this natural oil can also cure diseases !

Essential Oil Organizer is made from a variety of certain plants. Like, leaves, plants and bark. Its manufacture uses a special method so that it produces oil that has different properties. This oil is made by scientists by the workings of sending chemical messages to parts of the brain. The result will affect mood and emotions. Try to use essential oils if you are nervous. Although the aroma does not eliminate 100% of your stress, but Revive Essential Oils it can help to be more relaxed.

Well, Indonesia is also one of the largest producers of essential oils. Also Read: Here are some Benefits of Patchouli Oil Indonesia

Benefits of Essential Oil for Body Health are:

• Relieves colds

• Substitute eucalyptus oil

• Overcoming acne

• Can be used as a facial spray

• Improve mood

• Household cleaning fluid

• Can calm

• Can relax the body

Price Of Essential Oil

Best Essential Oils and How to Use Essential Oil Essential oils can be used very easily by everyone. Some use it by rubbing it into certain parts of the body, some are put into a diffuser, some use wood sticks

1. Nares Essential Oil

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Nares Essential Oil

This essential oil always prioritizes the wealth of spices in Indonesia. Nares offers more than 10 variants of essential oils that use original resources and are produced in Indonesia. Its natural resources include fragrant lemongrass, kitchen lemongrass, ginger, coffee, nutmeg, cloves, fruit, leaves, roots of typical Indonesian plants, and flowers. Variants such as Green Tea, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Coffee, Ginger, Cinnamon, to Vanilla Rose, and Jasmine. Uniquely, most of the essential things that Nares offers are not only beneficial for the skin. There are several essential oils that you can use for cooking flavorings, laundry deodorizers, ingredients for polishing silver, even for toothache medicine, you know!

Price Of Essential Oil : starting from Rp 130,000

2. Organic Essential Oil Supply Co.

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Organic Essential Oil Supply Co.

Since 2015, Organic Supply Co. including quality essential oils at affordable prices.The packaging design of this product is very minimalist and neat to be a plus point. Organic Supply provides products ranging from basic ingredients for soap, lotions, shampoos, to hydrosol, wax, clay, spices, and of course other reliable products. There are also cosmetic and skincare ingredients such as clay masks, cosmetic additives, cosmetic bases, and many more. One of Organic Supply Co.’s best selling essential oils is lavender. This product is priced at 130 thousand. The aroma that you will get is like a sweet and fresh flower. This type is believed to be a natural room deodorizer, kill bacteria, and eradicate insects.

• Price range: starting from Rp. 90,000

3. House of Jelita

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

House of Jelita

The next local essential oil product is Wangsa Jelita. Jelita House has shaped beauty oil that is useful as a makeup remover, moisturizer, body moisturizer, and treat your hair to be healthy and shiny. There are 5 variants to choose from, namely, Almond, Lavender, Sandalwood, Olive, and Coconut. All of this oil is safe for you to use with any type of skin status. The ingredients that are 100% natural make no suspicion ever exist.  Interested in trying this product?

Price Of Essential Oil : starting from Rp 50,000

4. Haple.Id

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil


This local essential oil may be the only focus for facial skin care. The variants have each property to treat the skin. You can try Grapeseed Oil for acne prone skin, Avocado Oil to moisturize the skin, Rice Bran to treat combination skin, and Almond Oil to help get rid of acne scars. Fun, Haple also sells useful Rose Water as a mixture to find essential oils to be more easily absorbed by the skin.

• Price range: starting from Rp.49,000

5. Nusaroma Essential Oil

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil


Since 2004 Nusaroma has been one of the essential oil and aromatic chemical companies in Indonesia. Nusaroma provides essential oils such as lemongrass, patchouli, nutmeg, and various other, as well as natural aromatic chemical ingredients. This company is run by professionals who have experience in their fields. His research equipment is also supported by modern and complete tools.

• Price range: starting from Rp. 23,350

6. Botanina, Safe Essential Oil for Little Ones

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil


This product you probably heard often, right ? Botanina is a local homecare product and natural body care. Utilizing pure essential oil as an active ingredient to create fresh, indan aroma and therapeutic benefits. The purpose of therapeutic is the result of medical treatment that matches what you want. This product has aromatherapy in the form of bed linen, roll on, and oil. Some Botanina products are deliberately made specifically for the little one, from toddlers to children, to handle various health problems.

• Price range: starting from Rp 65,000 (spray & roll on), Rp 100,000 (oil)

7. Bathaholic Essential Oil

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Bathaholic Essential Oil

Bathaholic is a native Indonesian aromatherapy and spa company. Every raw material is carefully selected and uses the best ingredients. Bathaholic consists of Tea Tree, Therapeutic, Stress Relief, and many more.

• Price Of Essential Oil: starting from Rp. 70,000

8. Eucalie, Safe for Sensitive Skin

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Eucalie’s products

Eucalie’s products are made from superior natural ingredients that are free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, and other chemicals. Therefore this essential oil is safe to use for extra sensitive skin and children. This product comes in two forms, essential oil and roll on.

• Price range: starting from Rp 149,000 (essential oil), Rp 138,000 (roll on)

9. Mustika Ratu Essential Oil

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Mustika ratu

Mustika Rueen taidak only famous for its beauty products. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa under the auspices of Mustika Ratu released aromatherapy products. This product is a health and body care that comes from Keraton, Java. Aromatherapy has variants such as cinnamon, champaca, cloves, and other variants.

  • Price range: starting from Rp 50,000

10. Botanical Sensatia

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals is a product originating from Bali. This brand oil has already traveled to the world. The variants consist of Eucalyptus Leaves, Jasmine Sambac, Lavender Buds, Lemongrass, Patchouli Leaves, and Tea Tree Leaves.

  • Price range: starting from RP 124,000

Table of Brands Essential Oils Price Comparison Recommendations and How To Price Essential Oil Blends:

No Essential Oil brand Price range (starting from)
1 Nares Essential Oil Rp 130.000
2 Organic Supply Co. Rp 90.000
3 Wangsa Jelita Rp 50.000
4 Haple.Id Rp 49.000
5 Nusaroma Rp 23.350
6 Botanina Rp 65.000 – Rp 100.000
7 Bathaholic Rp 70.000
8 Eucalia Rp 139.000 – Rp 149.000
9 Mustika Ratu Rp 50.000
10 Sensatia Botanicals Rp 124.000

So, which product do you choose, Friend!

Hopefully the best choice.

That’s 10 EO brands that you can use as an alternative to Cheap Essential Oils. As long as the ingredients used are natural, you don’t need to worry about it. Some of the same affordable and powerful EO honorable mentions brands are: Doterra Essential Oils GoodVibes Organic, Indoganic, The Soap Corner, Mustika Ratu, Utama Spice Bali, Klen and Kind, Bluestone Botanicals and Skin Dewi.

Hopefully Now Essential Oils your health or beauty goals will be achieved by using your chosen EO product. Congratulations on finding the right selection of Price Of Essential Oil products!


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