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Nutmeg Oil

The source of all our Nutmeg Oil comes from small to medium partner farmers who maintain high quality product and a sustainable supply

The first process is nutmeg grinding after that to produce extraction, by steam distillation process.

Nutmeg is a favorite for many culinary dishes or seasonings for cooking, the taste is a little sweeter, widely used for fragrances and medicines as well as natural flavorings for baked goods, drinks, sweets and syrups.

Nutmeg products around the world almost 80% of Indonesia around 350-400MT per year. which is very dependent on plantations.

Nutmeg Oil Specification

Botanical Name:Myristica fragrans Houtt
Main Content:Myristicin 11%
Plant Part Used:Whole Fruits
Preparation Method:Steam Distillation
Country of Origin:Indonesia
Appearance:Colorless to yellow mobile liquid

» MSDS Nutmeg Oil ( Material Safety Data  Sheet )
» SPS Nutmeg Oil ( Standard Product Specification )

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