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Ginger Oil

The source of all our Ginger Oil comes from small to medium partner farmers who maintain high quality product and a sustainable supply

Oil is obtained from the distillation process using hydro or steam, ginger is widely planted in Java and South Sumatra. for the process of ginger stems that are ready to be tied, thick, cream-colored, can also be called a rhizome will produce ginger oil.

Ginger has a rich aroma such as spicy, olfactory, sweet, warm and rich. With the stems soaring 12 inches from the top of the ginger leaves are long green and small there are white flowers, yellow in each leaf.

Ginger is a traditional herbal medicine that is well known in Indonesia. Local ginger has been widely used in the industry of ginger tea and coffee with ginger flavor. widely used also in the Food & Beverages, Flavor & Fragrance, Aromatherapy, Cosmetic, Perfumery industries.

Ginger Oil Specification

Botanical Name:Zingiber officinale
Main Content:Zingiber 23 %
Plant Part Used:Roots
Preparation Method:Steam Distillation
Country of Origin:Indonesia
Appearance:Pale yellow to yellow liquid

» MSDS Ginger Oil ( Material Safety Data Sheet )
» SPS Ginger Oil ( Standard Product Specification )

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