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Clove Leaf Oil

The source of all our Clove Leaf Oil comes from small to medium partner farmers who maintain high quality product and a sustainable supply

Many derivatives produced from clove oil produced by farmers are refined first and then processed again. is a plant that is extracted from leaves, buds and stems is still a family of Myrtaceae.

The rest of the clove trees farmers usually use to produce leaf and stem oil and their derivatives. Indonesia is the largest consumer of clove products widely used for the cigarette industry, and clove trees are native to Indonesia.

It’s easy to find clove trees in Indonesia because trees thrive in open conditions in the highlands with stable rainfall. can be planted in May and June during the rainy season

Clove leaf Oil Specification

Botanical Name:Eugenia caryophyllata
Main Content:Eugenol min 74%
Plant Part Used:Leaves
Preparation Method:Steam Distillation
Country of Origin:Indonesia
Appearance:Pale yellow to greenish yellow mobile liquid

» MSDS Clove Leaf Oil ( Material Safety Data Sheet )
» SPS Clove Leaf Oil ( Standard Product Specifications )

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