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Citronella Oil

The source of all our Citronella Oil comes from small to medium partner farmers who maintain high quality product and a sustainable supply

Citronella Oil is produced from grass (Cymbopogon winteranus) by steam distillation. This grass plant (Cymbopogon winteranus) comes from rare Sri and Javanese (Indonesian).

Widely used for other cosmetic products such as perfumes, candles and soaps. Citronella Oil can also be used to repel insects in plants, has long been used in America from 1948. Many also benefit from topical products.

Contain citronellal, citronellol and geraniol function for fragrance as an ingredient.

Citronella Oil Specification

Botanical Name:Cymbopogon winterianus
Main Content:Citronellal Min 35%
Plant Part Used:Leaves
Preparation Method:Steam Distillation
Country of Origin:Indonesia
Appearance:Pale yellow to tan mobile liquid

» MSDS Citronella Oil ( Material Safety Data Sheet )
» SPS CitronellaOil ( Standard Product Specification )

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