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With a long history and having great experience in the processing and manufacturing of Quinine Salt and its derivatives, PT Sinkona Indonesia Lestari is Confident to enter and to grow itself in the Essential Oils industry.

Capabilities built to support the Essential Oil industry develop both upstream and downstream. We know one of the keys is to bond a strong partnership with local farmers and distillers. These are held to secure supply and demand scenarios on the market.

Other than a partnership with local farmers and distillers, we also have built our own Essential Oil production facility. The scale is set to support long term company business plan.

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With our quality system, the checking from our incoming material, production, warehouse until shipping process.

To ensure our production quality meet with customer requirements, in our checking we used equipment with high performance and accuracy such as: Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Refractometer, Hydrometer, Etc. Our checking method refer to Standard Nasional Indonesia (SNI), Europe, Asia, and America Standard.

We continuous to improve our process of production, product and services to aim customer satisfaction.

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