What Are Essential Oils, and Benefits Essential Oils

Benefits Essential Oils: have a process of extracting fluids from many plants. get beneficial compounds from plants from the manufacturing process.

Essential oils have a very strong aroma from the plant of origin and contain higher levels of active ingredients. to make essential oils is closely related to the amount of raw materials.

Essential Oils Benefits and Uses Chart

There are many ways for manufacturers to extract them into essential oils:

  • Steam or water distillation. in this part the plant will be evaporated until it occurs air, and attracts important compounds in the plant.
  • Cold pressing. in this process in order to remove the essence or essential oil by squeezing the material or the hardness of the plant. For example, by smelling the aroma of lemon by slicing the lemon peel.

After extracting the plant and the active compound appears, for some products you can add introductory oil to make more essential oil products. after not being pure oil but mixed oil.

How do essential oils work?

Essential oils are widely used for various products. the food and perfume industry uses essential oils to add fragrance to cosmetics and make-up also includes cream bath soaps as a source of antioxidants for various other beauty products.

Many natural medicine practitioners, such as aromatherapists, use essential oils. Aromatherapy involves diffusing these essential oils into the air.

Many researchers argue that when we inhale aromatherapy it will enter the lungs and bloodstream, which will later benefit the body.

Rubbing oil is now using a lot of essential oils, to clean their sinuses. As the authors of a 2013 study note, inhaling menthol in this way can reduce feelings of congestion and shortness of breath.

As well as inhaling them, adding essential oils to a carrier oil and massaging them into the skin may also deliver the active compounds to the body.

It is strictly forbidden to apply essential oils without first diluting them directly to the skin, without professional supervision.

It is also dangerous to swallow essential oils. essential oils can irritate the cells on the skin, and also have high concentration.

many cases that often occur, many who consume oral capsules containing essential oils. However, people should only do this under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

do not let the essential oils into the mouth could be in our bodies, let alone into the anus, ears, vagina and eyes.

Popular types

There are countless 90 types of essential oils, have unique smells and have potential health benefits.

Here are 10 essential oils that are well-known and have many benefits:

  • Pappermint: very useful helps to increase energy and helps the digestive system
  • Lavender: widely used for stress relief
  • Sandalwood: useful to help focus and calm the mind
  • Bergamot: excellent for the skin and improves eczema and reduces stress
  • Roses: reduce anxiety and improve mood
  • Chamomile: improves mood and relaxation
  • Ylang-Ylang: useful for treating nausea, headaches and treating skin
  • Tea Tree: useful against infection and increase endurance
  • Jasmine: used to help with depression, childbirth, and libido
  • Lemon: used to aid digestion, mood, headaches, and more

Health benefits of essential oils

Benefit Essential Oils
Benefit Essential Oils
  • Improve mood

The benefits of the first essential oil is that it can improve mood. Essential oils can have a psychological effect on the air inhalers. The use of essential oils can provide calm and improve one’s mood. Some types of essential oils that are good for improving mood are lemon essential oil, chamomile essential oil, lavender essential oil.

  • Overcoming stress and anxiety

In addition to improving mood, the benefits of essential oils are also reducing stress and anxiety symptoms. This is still related to the previous point which states that essential oils can affect a person psychologically.

Examples such as lavender and peppermint essential oils are able to reduce the hormone cortisol or chamomile essential oil which can help relax the body.

  • Overcoming sleep disorders

The third benefit of essential oils is to overcome sleep disorders. Efficacy of essential oils that can improve mood and prevent stress certainly also affect one’s sleep patterns. Many sleep disorders are caused by stress and depression, so the use of essential oils that can soothe will also help you to sleep more regularly.

  • Overcoming PMS

Overcoming PMS symptoms is also one of the benefits of essential oils. PMS is usually characterized by symptoms such as abdominal pain, pain throughout the body, and mood changes. Inhaling lemon essential oil can help improve mood. Also apply lavender oil in the abdomen to reduce pain in the stomach.

  • Good for digestion

Essential oils also can help overcome digestive problems. One type of essential oil that is good for digestion is like peppermint essential oil. This oil can help overcome excess gas in the stomach.

In addition, oils such as lavender and eucalyptus oil are powerful oils that help overcome colic. Its use is very easy, only needs to be applied directly to the stomach.

  • Suppress appetite

Uncontrolled appetite is also not good for the body. Suppressing appetite turns out to also be an essential oil benefit. The type of essential oil that can help maintain appetite is grapefruit essential oil. So, if you are losing weight, then inhaling this one essential oil can be one of the tips.

  • Help treat colds and flu

The next Benefit Essential Oils is to treat colds and flu. When the rainy season comes, this disease often appears. It’s good to try home remedies using essential oils first compared to taking drugs directly.

Yawning your nose using a mixture of warm water that is dripped with eucalyptus oil or eucalyptus oil can be the right treatment. The aroma of eucalyptus oil can help relax the nasal muscles and the antibacterial properties of this oil are also good for preventing infection.

  • Overcoming skin infections

Another benefit essential oils is to overcome infections in the skin. In addition to eucalyptus oil that contains antibacterial, there is also tea tree oil which is known as antibacterial, antifungal, and also antiseptic. Tea tree oil is very effective in overcoming skin infections, even very popular as one of the main ingredients for facial acne treatment.

  • Increase concentration and stamina

Inhaling essential oils can also increase concentration and stamina, you know! Peppermint essential oil and chamomile oil are oils that you can choose to increase your concentration and stamina. In addition, the types of oils that have been mentioned above as oils that can reduce stress certainly can also help increase your concentration.

  • Overcoming dandruff

In addition to the skin, there are also benefits of essential oils for hair. Tea tree oil or tea tree oil turns out to be not only beneficial for treating acne and other skin infections, but it can also help overcome dandruff. Mix tea tree oil in the shampoo that will be used for shampooing and feel the benefits.

Side effects

Many people think that because essential oils are natural products, they will not cause side effects. This is not true. The potential side effects of essential oils include:

Benefit Essential Oils
Benefit Essential Oils & Uses
  • Irritation and burning: Always dilute oils with a carrier oil before applying it to the skin. Apply a small amount to a small area of skin first to test for any reactions.
  • Asthma attacks: While essential oils may be safe for most people to inhale, some people with asthma may react to breathing in the fumes.
  • Headaches: Inhaling essential oils may help some people with their headaches, but inhaling too much may lead to a headache in others.


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