What Are Essential Oils, and Benefits Essential Oils

Benefits Essential Oils: have a process of extracting fluids from many plants. get beneficial compounds from plants from the manufacturing process.

Essential oils have a very strong aroma from the plant of origin and contain higher levels of active ingredients. to make essential oils is closely related to the amount of raw materials.

Essential Oils Benefits and Uses Chart

There are many ways for manufacturers to extract them into essential oils:

  • Steam or water distillation. in this part the plant will be evaporated until it occurs air, and attracts important compounds in the plant.
  • Cold pressing. in this process in order to remove the essence or essential oil by squeezing the material or the hardness of the plant. For example, by smelling the aroma of lemon by slicing the lemon peel.

After extracting the plant and the active compound appears, for some products you can add introductory oil to make more essential oil products. after not being pure oil but mixed oil.

How do essential oils work?

Essential oils are widely used for various products. the food and perfume industry uses essential oils to add fragrance to cosmetics and make-up also includes cream bath soaps as a source of antioxidants for various other beauty products.

Many natural medicine practitioners, such as aromatherapists, use essential oils. Aromatherapy involves diffusing these essential oils into the air.

Many researchers argue that when we inhale aromatherapy it will enter the lungs and bloodstream, which will later benefit the body.

Rubbing oil is now using a lot of essential oils, to clean their sinuses. As the authors of a 2013 study note, inhaling menthol in this way can reduce feelings of congestion and shortness of breath.

As well as inhaling them, adding essential oils to a carrier oil and massaging them into the skin may also deliver the active compounds to the body.

It is strictly forbidden to apply essential oils without first diluting them directly to the skin, without professional supervision.

It is also dangerous to swallow essential oils. essential oils can irritate the cells on the skin, and also have high concentration.

many cases that often occur, many who consume oral capsules containing essential oils. However, people should only do this under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

do not let the essential oils into the mouth could be in our bodies, let alone into the anus, ears, vagina and eyes.

Popular types

There are countless 90 types of essential oils, have unique smells and have potential health benefits.

Here are 10 essential oils that are well-known and have many benefits:

  • Pappermint: very useful helps to increase energy and helps the digestive system
  • Lavender: widely used for stress relief
  • Sandalwood: useful to help focus and calm the mind
  • Bergamot: excellent for the skin and improves eczema and reduces stress
  • Roses: reduce anxiety and improve mood
  • Chamomile: improves mood and relaxation
  • Ylang-Ylang: useful for treating nausea, headaches and treating skin
  • Tea Tree: useful against infection and increase endurance
  • Jasmine: used to help with depression, childbirth, and libido
  • Lemon: used to aid digestion, mood, headaches, and more

Health benefits of essential oils

Benefit Essential Oils
Benefit Essential Oils
  • Improve mood

The benefits of the first essential oil is that it can improve mood. Essential oils can have a psychological effect on the air inhalers. The use of essential oils can provide calm and improve one’s mood. Some types of essential oils that are good for improving mood are lemon essential oil, chamomile essential oil, lavender essential oil.

  • Overcoming stress and anxiety

In addition to improving mood, the benefits of essential oils are also reducing stress and anxiety symptoms. This is still related to the previous point which states that essential oils can affect a person psychologically.

Examples such as lavender and peppermint essential oils are able to reduce the hormone cortisol or chamomile essential oil which can help relax the body.

  • Overcoming sleep disorders

The third benefit of essential oils is to overcome sleep disorders. Efficacy of essential oils that can improve mood and prevent stress certainly also affect one’s sleep patterns. Many sleep disorders are caused by stress and depression, so the use of essential oils that can soothe will also help you to sleep more regularly.

  • Overcoming PMS

Overcoming PMS symptoms is also one of the benefits of essential oils. PMS is usually characterized by symptoms such as abdominal pain, pain throughout the body, and mood changes. Inhaling lemon essential oil can help improve mood. Also apply lavender oil in the abdomen to reduce pain in the stomach.

  • Good for digestion

Essential oils also can help overcome digestive problems. One type of essential oil that is good for digestion is like peppermint essential oil. This oil can help overcome excess gas in the stomach.

In addition, oils such as lavender and eucalyptus oil are powerful oils that help overcome colic. Its use is very easy, only needs to be applied directly to the stomach.

  • Suppress appetite

Uncontrolled appetite is also not good for the body. Suppressing appetite turns out to also be an essential oil benefit. The type of essential oil that can help maintain appetite is grapefruit essential oil. So, if you are losing weight, then inhaling this one essential oil can be one of the tips.

  • Help treat colds and flu

The next Benefit Essential Oils is to treat colds and flu. When the rainy season comes, this disease often appears. It’s good to try home remedies using essential oils first compared to taking drugs directly.

Yawning your nose using a mixture of warm water that is dripped with eucalyptus oil or eucalyptus oil can be the right treatment. The aroma of eucalyptus oil can help relax the nasal muscles and the antibacterial properties of this oil are also good for preventing infection.

  • Overcoming skin infections

Another benefit essential oils is to overcome infections in the skin. In addition to eucalyptus oil that contains antibacterial, there is also tea tree oil which is known as antibacterial, antifungal, and also antiseptic. Tea tree oil is very effective in overcoming skin infections, even very popular as one of the main ingredients for facial acne treatment.

  • Increase concentration and stamina

Inhaling essential oils can also increase concentration and stamina, you know! Peppermint essential oil and chamomile oil are oils that you can choose to increase your concentration and stamina. In addition, the types of oils that have been mentioned above as oils that can reduce stress certainly can also help increase your concentration.

  • Overcoming dandruff

In addition to the skin, there are also benefits of essential oils for hair. Tea tree oil or tea tree oil turns out to be not only beneficial for treating acne and other skin infections, but it can also help overcome dandruff. Mix tea tree oil in the shampoo that will be used for shampooing and feel the benefits.

Side effects

Many people think that because essential oils are natural products, they will not cause side effects. This is not true. The potential side effects of essential oils include:

Benefit Essential Oils
Benefit Essential Oils & Uses
  • Irritation and burning: Always dilute oils with a carrier oil before applying it to the skin. Apply a small amount to a small area of skin first to test for any reactions.
  • Asthma attacks: While essential oils may be safe for most people to inhale, some people with asthma may react to breathing in the fumes.
  • Headaches: Inhaling essential oils may help some people with their headaches, but inhaling too much may lead to a headache in others.


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How To Price Essential Oil

How To Price Essential Oil
How To Price Essential Oil

How To Price Essential Oil Getting started in the essential oils business is time-intensive and requires an initial investment of money for supplies and production costs Essential Oils Price Comparison. Money will be lost during the first trial period and it is recommended to buy a large amount. You can start small first, by producing several types of oil and will be able to sell and see the market how the product response is. minimize costs so that they can be controlled, so that businesses go forward. This means decisions should be made before a lot of money is invested in the production of the essential oils Now Essential Oils.

The need to choose the right brand is very helpful to increase company profits. Choosing the right bottle, the right label format, and the right marketing concepts (business name, logo) can solidify the brand’s image early on. This will make a reference for consumers to keep production costs stable. Once all decisions have been made, tracking costs for production and marketing will be easier. Essential oil bottles and caps can be bought in bulk quantities for a much lower price than individually.

Knowing the costs of production, for shipping, and marketing can help you to make the price of essential oils easier. if you don’t see the cost, many start playing there and many lose and close.

How To Price Essential Oil

Where can we find and buy the best essential oils ?

Price Of Essential Oils In India Essential oils are becoming more popular and appearing on the shelves of local health food stores, farmer’s markets and specialty stores. If you want to shop directly, to buy essential oils you can also smell first from the scent before you buy. For pharmacies usually also provide a lot of test bottles.

How To Make Essential Oils However, with the ease of use and accessibility of online shopping, I prefer being able to buy essential oils online. therefore, I really chose a simple local company with the stable availability of its products and many other factors. I also found a lot of the price of essential oils that varied at the time visit an online store, another advantage you can also buy goods in stores local and gets a variety of offers, and special discounts

Getting Into The Essential Oil Business

With demand so high for essential oils, those interested in creating their own products will find a variety of oils easy to extract from its plant or rind source. How To Price Essential Oil can be a lucrative business but one which will depend on the quality of bottling and the marketing of the product. Because the essential oil business has become highly competitive, it is critical to have the right packaging to attract consumer attention.

Factors That Determine the Price of Essential Oil

Essential oil prices depend on crop and growing conditions, suppliers’ and each company’s resources, and their process and production practices Cheap Essential Oils.

Please Essential Oil Diffuser essential oil varies greatly because of the many resources, with different processes and production in other companies. I have conveyed the factors that determine the price of essential oils, both standard, packaging, brand and quality control.

The following are the factors that must be needed to determine :

  • Size/Quantity Purchased

the more oil you buy, of course the price will also tend to be cheap.

  • Essential Oil Supply and Demand

the price of essential oils fluctuates greatly depending on the amount of stock and market demand.

  • Companies With Distributors/Reps

Oil is purchased by companies from representatives, consultants and distributors tend to have higher prices because we don’t buy directly from farmers.

  • Pure vs. Blended in Carrier Oil

Some essential oils are legitimately very precious and costly. In order to make the oil more affordable to customers, some companies offer the precious essential oil pre-diluted in a carrier oil.

  • Labels and Packaging

Bottles and labels, including the attention to detail in printing/design and information provided can influence an oil’s cost. This could be listed under overhead, but it’s worth giving it special mention.

  • Overhead

Staff payroll, utilities, rent/mortgage, marketing, Web site development and maintenance, trade group fees, product research and testing, and ongoing education are examples of some of the overhead expenses that businesses face. Generally speaking How To Price Essential Oil, the higher a company’s overhead costs, the more they need to charge for their products.


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Citronella Oil Benefits You Need to Know

Citronella Oil Benefits
Citronella Oil Benefits

Citronella Oil Benefits Exuding a rich, fresh, uplifting scent similar to that of lemon, this fragrant grass has earned the name Citronella from the French word meaning “lemon balm.” Citronella is commonly mistaken for Lemongrass, as they share a similar appearance, growth, and processing method; however, the two plants are considered to be “cousins,” as they simply belong to the same plant family – the Cymbopogon family, which is commonly referred to simply as Lemongrass. The easiest way to tell them apart is to remember that Lemongrass has off-white pseudostems while those of the Citronella plant are reddish in color.

Citronella Oil Benefits You Need to Know
Citronella Oil Benefits You Need to Know

For centuries, Citronella Oil has been a natural medicinal remedy and a food ingredient in China, Sri Lanka, and Java Citronella Indonesia. It is traditionally used as a flavoring agent in culinary applications, a soothing agent for pain, infections, rashes, and inflammation, a non-toxic insect-repelling agent, a natural and fragrant household cleaning agent, and an ingredient in perfumery, soaps, detergents, scented candles, and cosmetic products. Citronella Oil continues to be valued and applied for its cleansing, disinfecting, freshening, and deodorizing properties.

Citronella Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

  • Ceylon and Java are the two main varieties of Citronella from Citronella Oil Indonesia which the essential oil is derived via steam distillation of their fresh leaves.
  • Citronella is commonly mistaken for or referred to as Lemongrass, as they share a similar appearance, growth, and processing method; however, the two plants simply belong to the same plant family.
  • Used in aromatherapy applications, Citronella Essential Oil slows or prevents the growth or spread of harmful airborne bacteria, repels flying insects, uplifts negative moods, and relaxes the body and mind. It is reputed to reduce muscles spasms, ease headaches, and boost energy.
  • Used cosmetically or topically in general, Citronella Essential Oil can deodorize and refresh foul body odors, eliminate head and body lice, slow the look of aging, enhance skin health, and improve skin’s absorption of moisture. Citronella Oil conditions the hair, protects it from sun damage, boosts volume, and removes tangles.
  • Used medicinally, Citronella Essential Oil eliminates and prevents the growth of fungus on wounds, boosts the healing of wounds, relieves spasms and gas, stimulates and improves circulation, facilitates the healing of eczema and dermatitis, reduces swelling, tenderness, and pain, promotes the body’s expulsion of toxins, strengthens immunity, reduces symptoms of the flu, colds, and fever, promotes weight loss, and boosts metabolism and digestion.

Citronella Oil Benefits, How to Use, Side Effects and Safet

1. Relaxing effect

A 2001 study investigated the effects of inhaling citronella, lavender, and rosemary essential oils. Lavender was found to have a relaxing effect and rosemary was found to have a stimulating effect on the brain. Citronella Oil Price, on the other hand, had a more complex in-between effect. The writers suggest that the effects of citronella could vary by individual.

Citronella Essential Oil
Citronella Essential Oil


When inhaled, citronella may have a relaxing effect on some people and a stimulating effect on others.

2. Weight loss

A 2015 study Trusted Source in rats assessed the effects of inhaling citronella oil and some of its components on weight. Researchers found that inhaling the components of citronella oil decreased feeding, lowered cholesterol, and slowed weight gain.

Citronella Oil Benefits
Citronella Oil Benefits


Limited research has shown that inhaling citronella resulted in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels in rats. More studies need to be done to determine how effective it is with weight loss in humans.

3. Wound healing

Based on recent research, citronella oil may have the potential to Where To Buy Citronella Oil speed up the healing of wounds. This may be of particular importance for people with diabetes, as wounds tend to heal more slowly with this condition.

In a 2019 animal study Trusted Source, researchers looked at the effect that citronella oil had on the healing of Candida-infected wounds in a diabetic mouse model. The Citronella Oil Benefits  had both an antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. The researchers suggested that the combination of these two factors led to accelerated wound healing.

Citronella Oil Benefits
Citronella Oil Benefits


Citronella Oil Diffuser antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties may help to speed up the healing of wounds. However, research in this area is limited and more studies need to be done on humans to determine how effective it is.

4. Antifungal agent

Several studies have found that citronella oil has certain antifungal properties that may help weaken or destroy certain types of fungi that can cause health problems. A 2013 study Trusted Source evaluated the antifungal activity of citronella oil against a strain of fungus known as Aspergillus niger. This common fungus is thought to cause lung and sinus infections in people with weakened immune systems.

The study found that citronella oil had the ability to destroy the cell wall of the fungus and kill the organisms within the cell that can cause infection. This led the researchers to suggest citronella oil may have the potential to be used as a safe and environmentally friendly fungicide. An earlier study Trusted Source looked at the antibacterial and antifungal activity of ten essential oils and found that citronella oil was effective against all 12 fungi that were tested. The same study found that Citronella Oil Benefits managed to inhibit 15 of 22 bacteria, while eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, and orange oils were effective against all 22 bacterial strains.

A publication from 2016 Trusted Source looked at the effectiveness of citronella and cinnamon oil in fighting Candida albicans, a fungus that can cause infections in the mouth and other parts of the body. Both essential oils initially reduced the number of viable microorganisms. However, after 48 hours the effect wasn’t significant. The authors suggest that a daily application of a solution of either oil may be effective in reducing this fungus.

Citronella Oil Benefits
Citronella Oil Benefits


Citronella oil seems to be an effective antifungal agent. In some cases, it may need to be reapplied daily to keep fungal infections under control. It also has antibacterial properties, but it is not as effective at killing a broad spectrum of bacteria and germs as some other essential oils.

5. Insect repellent

A 2011 review Trusted Source of 11 studies looked at the effectiveness of various citronella preparations in preventing mosquito bites. It concluded that using citronella oil together with vanillin (found in vanilla beans) provided mosquito protection for up to three hours.

The study also found that DEET provided protection for a much longer period of time than just Citronella Oil Benefits on its own.A 2015 study Trusted Source compared the ability of DEET, citronella oil, and fennel oil to repel mosquitoes. Researchers found that DEET had a protection rating of over 90 percent over six hours.

Citronella and fennel oil had protection ratings of about 57 percent and 47 percent, respectively, after only two hours. Another study assessed the effectiveness of several mosquito repellents, and concluded that citronella candles were of little use as a mosquito repellent.

Citronella Oil Benefits
Citronella Oil Benefits


Citronella needs to be reapplied often to be an effective mosquito repellent. However, it may provide protection for up to three hours if it is combined with vanillin. Studies show that it is not as effective as DEET at keeping mosquitos away Citronella Oil Benefits.


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Minyak Atsiri Indonesia dan Sejarahnya

Minyak Atsiri Indonesia telah digunakan oleh orang-orang dari beberapa budaya di seluruh dunia selama berabad-abad. Mereka menemukan kegunaannya dalam upacara keagamaan untuk menyembuhkan orang sakit. Meskipun tidak mungkin untuk mengetahui periode yang tepat di mana minyak essential mendapatkan popularitas sebagai agen penyembuhan yang efektif, tetapi secara bertahap, pengetahuan tentang minyak ajaib ini menyebar ke seluruh planet ini.

Minyak essential telah menjadi bagian dari obat tradisional Indonesia berusia 3000 tahun, dalam menciptakan ramuan penyembuhan. Ada 700+ produk alami seperti jahe, mur, kayu manis, dan cendana yang tercantum dalam literatur Veda, yang dikenal karena sifat penyembuhannya yang cepat.

minyak atsiri indonesia
minyak atsiri indonesia

Obat tradisional Indonesia mereka memiliki sejarah 3000 tahun untuk memasukkan minyak essential ke dalam ramuan penyembuhan. Literatur obat tradisional mencantumkan lebih dari 700 zat termasuk kayu manis, jahe, mur, dan cendana yang efektif untuk penyembuhan.

Selamat Datang di PT Sinkona Indonesia Lestari !!!

PT Sinkona Indonesia Lestari adalah produsen, pemasok, eksportir, dan grosir minyak atsiri murni dan alami, yang berkomitmen untuk menyediakan produk-produk berkualitas terbaik kepada pelanggannya dengan harga hemat biaya. Kami berusaha untuk menjaga elemen alami tumbuhan tetap hidup selama pembuatan produk kami untuk menawarkan manfaat maksimal kepada masyarakat. Keamanan dan tindakan pencegahan yang kami ambil dalam proses pembuatan minyak atsiri membedakan kami dari para pesaing kami. Kategori Minyak Atsiri Indonesia kami cukup besar dan mengandung bermacam-macam minyak essential alami dan murni, minyak aromaterapi murni dan alami dan kelas terapi, dan minyak essential organik bersertifikat.

PT sinkona indonesia lestari
PT sinkona indonesia lestari

Terlepas dari sejumlah besar minyak atsiri, kami juga memiliki hamparan produk aromatik lainnya seperti :

  • Patchouli Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Vetiver Oil
  • Ginger Oil
  • Nutmeg Oil
  • Citronella Oil

perairan bunga, hidrosol, minyak pembawa dan bahan dasar, minyak rempah, absolut bunga, penyedap kosmetik alami, pakaian tradisional India, pengenceran eksotis, campuran misterius, untuk membuat sabun, membuat lilin atau aromaterapi seperti minyak lavender, minyak peppermint, minyak pohon teh, minyak lemon, minyak kayu putih, dan masih banyak lagi.

Semua produk alami kami dikemas dalam botol kedap udara berwarna gelap dengan berbagai ukuran untuk menjaga aroma, kualitas, dan manfaatnya tetap utuh sampai umur simpannya selesai. Kami benar-benar memahami keprihatinan orang-orang sebelum menggunakan produk yang diklaim sebagai “alami” di alam, oleh karena itu, setiap produk yang tercantum di situs web kami dengan jelas menyatakan penggunaan, manfaat, dan tindakan pencegahan yang harus diambil sebelum menggunakan produk ini di tubuh mereka. Tujuan kami adalah untuk memberikan Anda pengalaman yang luar biasa dan membuat Anda berkenalan dengan keajaiban magis produk alami pada tubuh, pikiran, dan jiwa Anda.

Ingin melakukan pembelian dengan kami? Baik, Anda dapat melakukan pemesanan secara online dengan kami atau menulis email kepada kami untuk mendapatkan pesanan Anda berhasil ditempatkan.

PT Sinkona Indonesia Lestari Berhasil Memenuhi Kebutuhan Minyak Atsiri di Seluruh Dunia Dengan pengalaman hampir 30 tahun sebagai Produsen Minyak Atsiri Indonesia & Pemasok Grosir, PT Sinkona Indonesia Lestari berhasil membangun jaringan logistik yang luas di seluruh dunia. Upaya konsisten dalam memenuhi permintaan minyak atsiri Harga Essential Oil dari pelanggan dan klien dari seluruh dunia telah menjadikan kami pemasok grosir dan massal terkemuka dan eksportir minyak atsiri grosir di India, Inggris, AS, Kanada, Australia dan negara-negara internasional lainnya. Tujuan kami selalu untuk memenuhi persyaratan minyak essential berkualitas baik tanpa kegagalan dan juga dalam waktu.

Minyak Atsiri Indonesia Bersertifikasi

PT Sinkona Indonesia Lestari menikmati sertifikasi dari Organisasi Internasional untuk Standardisasi (ISO), Administrasi Makanan dan Obat-obatan Amerika Serikat (USFDA), Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (WHO), Analisis Bahaya dan Poin Kontrol Kritis (HACCP), dan Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Proses Ekstraksi Minyak Atsiri

Semua produk alami yang diproduksi oleh kami diperoleh secara higienis, disuling, diproduksi, disimpan, dan dikemas tanpa pemalsuan di gudang yang dikelola dengan baik dengan menerapkan teknik dan standar internasional. Kami menggunakan teknik ekstraksi kuno dan modern seperti distilasi uap, ekstraksi CO2, distilasi fraksional, ekstraksi pelarut, dan metode pengepresan dingin untuk mengekstraksi produk-produk ini untuk menjaga kualitas alami mereka.

Produk-produk herbal yang kami tawarkan secara higienis dibeli, diekstraksi, disuling, disimpan dan dikemas di gudang kami melalui penerapan etis standar dan teknik internasional. Produk Minyak Atsiri Indonesia kami hadir dengan ekstrak tumbuhan alami 100% dan karenanya tidak menimbulkan efek samping yang berbahaya.

proses minyak atsiri indonesia
proses minyak atsiri indonesia

PT Sinkona Indonesia Lestari adalah pemasok otentik minyak atsiri. Ini adalah portal Jual Essential Oil online satu atap & nyaman. Menawarkan sekitar ribuan varietas minyak alami dengan fasilitas pengiriman. Kami menyediakan minyak herbal yang 100% murni & organik dengan harga grosir. Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia adalah pemasok semua jenis minyak aromatik yang bersekutu seperti minyak essential alami, minyak aromaterapi, minyak rempah, minyak attar India tradisional, pembawa dan minyak dasar, mentega kosmetik alami, pengenceran eksotis, absolut bunga, campuran misterius, air bunga, hidrosol dan masih banyak lagi. Antarmuka e-commerce yang ramah dan aman menjadikan kami banyak dikenal. Situs web ini menampilkan beragam pilihan minyak aromaterapi organik dan bersertifikat dan minyak terapeutik, minyak alami, minyak herbal organik, dan banyak lagi.

Kami berurusan dengan mitra pengiriman yang memiliki reputasi internasional & tepercaya seperti Fed Ex express, UPS, dan DHL. Natural Indian adalah Perusahaan Bersertifikat ISO-9001-2008 serta Perusahaan Terdaftar USFDA.

Anda dapat juga menemukan banyak penjual minyak atsiri secara online, namun kebanyakan dari mereka tidak menjual minyak atsiri murni. Sulit dan mahal untuk membuat minyak atsiri murni, dan banyak produsen menjual minyak atsiri sintetik atau diencerkan. PT Sinkona Indonesia Essential Oil Indonesia memiliki pabrik penyulingan sendiri untuk minyak essential murni. Kami memiliki staf teknis dan lab yang sangat terlatih untuk pemeriksaan dan jaminan kualitas. Karena langsung memproduksi minyak dan tidak membeli dari orang lain, kami dapat menawarkan harga termurah dan terbaik untuk Anda. Pabrikan dan pemasok lain mencairkan minyak atsiri mereka dengan minyak pembawa yang lebih murah untuk mendapatkan keuntungan lebih besar. Namun jika Anda benar-benar ingin mendapatkan manfaat dari minyak aromaterapi ini untuk kulit, rambut, dan tubuh Anda, penting untuk hanya membeli minyak alami murni. Jika Anda membeli Minyak Atsiri Indonesia murah yang diencerkan atau sintetis, maka Anda tidak akan bisa mendapatkan manfaat penuh.


We committed to bring added value to our customers with good services, high quality product and continuity supply guaranty.


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Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia

Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia – Potensi indonesia sangat besar untuk tanaman atsiri yang tersebar dengan 40 jenis tanaman yang tumbuh Contoh Minyak Atsiri seperti cengkeh, jahe, pala, kenanga, serai wangi, nilam dan akar wangi. Dari sekian banyak tanaman yang ada baru 12 jenis tanaman bisa diolah untuk diekspor. Ada banyak sekali bahan baku minyak sekitar 80 jenis yang digunakan di seluruh dunia.

Sejarah Minyak Atsiri Di Indonesia
Sejarah Minyak Atsiri Di Indonesia

Bukan hanya mengekspor indonesia juga membeli beberapa banhan minyak atsiri yang tidak bisa tumbuh di indonesia, pada tahun kemarin 2019 nilai impor Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia sampai 1,625 ton dengan nilai US$ 7, juta.

Potensi Indonesia Sebagai Sumber Atsiri

1. Nilam (patchouli)

Nilam atau patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) asal mula nama patchouli berasal dari tamil yang mempunyai arti hijau, ellai yang mempunyai arti daun. Dinamakan pacthouli karena minyaknya yang disuling dari daun, oleh karena itu banyak yang menyebut tanaman nilam dengan patchouli berasal dari gabungan dua kata.

tanaman nilam
tanaman nilam

Tanaman nilam mempunyai tinggi sampai 100 cm, patchouli sangat cocok di tempat teduh jauh akan sinar matahari, lembab dan hanyat. Jangan sampai tanaman nilam kekurangan air. Untuk bunga nilam sangat beraroma kuat, mempunyai biji kecil. Jika ingin memperbanyak tanaman ini bisa menggunakan stek. komponen utama adalah patchouli. Banyak industri menggunakan minyak nilam untuk bahan parfum, aroma terapi dan agar tidak stres.

2. Akar wangi (Vetiver)

Akar wangi dari namanya saja sudah diketahui tanaman yang mempunyai nama ilmiah (vetiver zizanioides) sejenis rerumputan yang, akarnya yang bisa kita manfaatkan untuk menghasilkan minyak akar wangi.

tanaman akar wangi
tanaman akar wangi

Masih mempunyai kemiripan dengan alang-alang dan serai dengan fisiknya yang sama, bisa digunakan juga untuk mengantisipasi longsor dilereng bukit karena akarnya yang kuat untuk menahan.

3. Sereh wangi (citronella)

Serai wangi (Cymbopogon nardus. L) merupakan salah satu jenis minyak atsiri, merupakan proses dari hasil penyulingan menghasilkan minyak serai wangi dalam perdagangan sudah dikenal dengan nama Citronella Oil.

tnaman sereh wangi
tnaman sereh wangi

Dan di pasar international biasa dikenal dengan nama “Citronella Oil of Java”

4. Cengkeh (Clove)

tanaman cengkeh
tanaman cengkeh

Minyak cengkeh mempunyai kandungan 21,3% dengan kadar eugenol 78-95%, tangkai atau gagang bunga mencapai 6% mempunyai kadar eugenol 89-95%, daun cengkeh sendiri mempunyai kadar 2-3% kadar eugenol 80-85% kadar paling banyak adalah eugenol sangat bermanfaat untuk dibuat vanilin, eugenil asetat, eugenil dll.

5. Pala (Nutmeg)

Nutmeg essential oil (minyak esensial pala) diperoleh dari hasil penyulingan biji pala yang kering sudah matang. Tanaman pala berasal dari maluku sering dikenal dengan kepulauan rempah-rempah, selain di indonesia, malaysia dan sri lanka.

tanaman pala
tanaman pala

Sudah digunakan sejak dari dulu di india untuk mengobati masalah usus, dan di mesir di gunakan untuk pembalseman orang meninggal. Dan di kerajaan inggris sudah digunakan untuk melawan wabah oleh karene ini menjadikan harganya mahal. Manfaat Minyak Atsiri pala digunakan untuk mengobati demam, pernapasan, produk gigi, pewarna abadi dan untuk campuran sabun lilin.

6. Jahe (Ginger)

Tanaman jahe sudah dikenal dan banyak digunakan di negara kita, merupakan salah satu rempah-rempah yang penting. Banyak di pakai untuk bumbu masakan, pemberi aroma dan rasa, kue, biscuit, kembang gula dan berbagai minuman lain. Digunakan untuk industri jamu tradisional dan industri obat. Karena sifat yang memberikan rasa hangat di tubuh jahe digunakan untuk minuman sekoteng, sirup dan bandrek.

tanaman jahe
tanaman jahe

Jahe tergolong tanaman herbal, mencapai ketinggian sampai 40-100 cm bisa bertahun umurnya. Akarnya sering disebut rimpang jahe berbau harum dan berasa pedas. Rimpang bercabang tak teratur, berserat kasar, menjalar mendatar. Bagian dalam berwarna kuning pucat. Bunganya terdiri dari tandan bunga yang berbentuk kerucut dengan kelopak berwarna putih kekuningan. Batangnya berupa batang semu yang tersusun dari helaian daun yang pipih memanjang dengan ujung lancip.

7. Cendana (Sandalwood)

Cendana (Santalum album) atau Sandalwood (sebagian juga menyebutnya indian sandalwood) banyak dikenal dengan nama pohon cendana dijumpai di pohon tropis. Karena keharuman kayunya pohon cendana banyak dibudidayakan dan juga bisa digunakan untuk pengobatan.

tanaman cendana
tanaman cendana

Umurnya yang panjang dan hanya bisa dipanen untuk umur 40 tahun. Mempunyai tinggi 4-9 meter umur pohon bisa sampai ratusan tahun.banyak digunakan untuk kerajinan tangan, rempah-rempah, sebagai parfum dan juga obat herbal. Dimanfaatkan untuk pengobatan seperti jantung, demam, penyakit kulit, liver dan infeksi saluran kencing

Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia

Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia disebut juga minyak eteris . minyak terbang atau essentialoil . adalah minyak yang mudah menguap dan terdapat dalam tumbuh -tumbuhan. minyak ini dipergunakan sebagai bahan baku dalam berbagai industri, misalnya’ industri parfum. kosmetik. farmasi. esense. Digunakan untuk zat pengikat bau (fixative) didalam parfum, seperti minyak cendana, minyak akar wangi dan minyak nilam.untuk rempah-rempah digunakan untuk perasa bahan (flavoring agent) antara lain minyak lada, minyak cengkeh, minyak kayu manis minyak ketumbar dan minyak jahe. Yang dilakukan untuk mendapatkan minyak atsiri sudah dikenal dengan cara penyulingan atau destilasi kepada tanaman penghasil minyak. Cara Membuat Minyak Atsiri Dilakukan penyulingan untuk memisahkan komponen beberapa jenis cairan atau lebih yang berdasar dari titik uapnya hanyak dilakukan kepada minyak atsiri yang tidak larut dalam air.

Proses Produksi Minyak Atsiri

proses minyak atsiri
proses minyak atsiri

Berikut proses pembuatan minyak atsiri destilasi/penyulingan dapat dilakukan dengan 3 cara, antara lain :

  • Penyulingan dengan sistem rebus (Water Distillation)
  • Penyulingan dengan air dan uap (Water and Steam Distillation)
  • Penyulingan dengan uap langsung (Direct Steam Distillation)

Berikut adalah produk essential oil yang bisa di penyulingan :

  • Patchouli Oil Sumatra
  • Patchouli Oil Indonesia
  • Nutmeg Oil Indonesia
  • Essential Oils Indonesia
  • Ginger Oil Indonesia
  • Clove Leaf Oil Indonesia
  • Citronella Oil Indonesia
  • Vetiver Oil Indonesia

Iklim Penjualan Domestik Minyak Atsiri Minyak atsiri dunia sangat dipengaruhi oleh Indonesia karena berperan penting untuk perdagangan atsiri dan aroma dunia. Dengan sumber bahan baku yang sangat melimpah indonesia menyediakan bahan baku essential oil sangat bagus dan berkualitas. Produk unggulan yang indonesia ada seperti sereh wangi, nilam, minyak pala, cengkeh, dan minyak masoi. Serta ginger oil merupakan produk minyak atsiri unggulan tambahan yang dimiliki indonesia. Perusahaan Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia

Iklim Penjualan Domestik Minyak Atsiri
Iklim Penjualan Domestik Minyak Atsiri

Terjadinya kasus pada tahun 1977 minyak atsiri indonesia menghasilkan jawaban terbentuknya IFEAT. di Nusa Dua Bali pada 29 September – 3 Oktober 2019, Presiden IFEAT, Alastair Hitchen menjawab pertanyaan wartawan saat dibali konferensi  tahunan  International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) 2019 “ Dalam industri,  atsiri dan aroma itu tidak berkompetisi, tetapi saling melengkapi, menguatkan sehingga mampu mengisi kebutuhan akan minyak atsiri dan aroma serta menjaga keberlanjutan industri, “

Pertumbuhan Ekspor Import Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia

Indonesia sudah dilirik di pasar minyak atsiri dunia karena dengan produk unggulan seperti minyak cengkeh, minyak nilam, minyak pala, minyak masoi, minyak sereh wangi. “ Dari lima produk unggulan tersebut indo nesia unggul dalam ekspor, untuk minyak cengkeh saja ekspor 4-5 ton per tahun, minyak pala 500 ton, dan minyak 20 ton per tahun. Sampai saat ini potensi indonesia untuk ekspor minyak atsiri 600 juta dolar per tahun. Mesti tidak sebesar untuk potensial sawit dan tambah namun sangat potensial.

Perkembangan Harga Minyak Atsiri Domestik dan Ekspor

Bank Dunia memaparkan harga minyak mentah diperkirakan rata-rata US$66 per barel pada 2019 dan US$$65 per barel pada 2020. Pada 2018, rerata harga mencapai US$68,3 per barel. “Kami merevisi harga minyak ke bawah dari perkiraan Oktober 2018, karena prospek pertumbuhan global yang lebih lemah, dan produksi AS yang lebih besar dari perkiraan,” papar Bank Dunia. Setelah penurunan pada akhir 2018, harga minyak telah naik terus sejak awal 2019, karena OPEC dan mitra telah memangkas produksi. Pengurangan suplai terutama terjadi di Venezuela dan Iran. Namun, produksi minyak AS diperkirakan akan tetap kuat setelah melonjak pada 2018. Harga energi secara keseluruhan, yang juga mencakup gas alam dan batu bara, diperkirakan rata-rata 5,4% lebih rendah pada 2019 dibandingkan pada 2018. “Prospek harga komoditas sensitif terhadap risiko terkait kebijakan, terutama minyak,” kata Ayhan Kose, Direktur World Bank’s Prospects Group.

Jual Minyak Atsiri Harga pertanian diproyeksikan turun 2,6% tahun ini, tetapi rebound pada tahun 2020 karena produksi tanaman yang lebih rendah serta biaya energi dan pupuk yang lebih tinggi.

Peningkatan ketegangan perdagangan kemungkinan akan mendorong harga lebih rendah, tetapi biaya energi yang lebih tinggi dari perkiraan dapat mengangkat harga lebih dari yang diharapkan.

Berikut tabel rerata harga minyak dan proyeksinya menurut Bank Dunia

Tahun 2016 2017 2018 2019* 2020* 2021* 2022*
Harga (US$) per barel 42,8 52,8 68,3 66 65 65,5 66

*proyeksi Minyak Atsiri di Indonesia


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Patchouli Oil Indonesia With Many Benefits

Patchouli Oil Indonesia For a powerful skin, aroma, and mood makeover, Patchouli oil proves an ideal essential oil. The Patchouli Essential Oil plant extract has many properties that are very beneficial for the mind and body. Benefits for the skin from patchouli oil are also very helpful for removing wrinkles in the skin, blemishes and other skin problems Patchouli Oil Indonesia can also promote a smooth and glowing complexion. the aroma released from patchouli essential oil can be used in perfume which can create confidence when applied to the skin. The aroma that appears is very typical when using a spread, and has chemical properties that support when we use

Where to Buy Patchouli Oil

Very easy when you want to buy a bottle of patchouli oil, below we provide contact information that you can contact.

It is very important that you check first when you want to buy essential oils. One of effective oils is determined from the purity of essential oils. If the essential oil is small, then the oil is not effective essential oils on the market today, Already contain many contaminants and fillers. It can limit what is in the essential oils, reduce the content that is in meeting the needs of individuals and families.

Patchouli Oil Indonesia With Many Benefits
Patchouli Oil Indonesia With Many Benefits

When Sinkona-atsiri was founded, the Founders knew how powerful pure essential oils could be, and they set out with a mission to provide a pure grade of essential oils. Since their beginning, Sinkona-atsiri has stayed true to this mission by making sure Sinkona-atsiri oils are tested for purity through the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® protocol. This rule is used to ensure that these essential oils have pure ingredients. If these oils are found pure, they are then readied to be sold so that individuals around the world can experience the full and powerful effects of pure essential oils.

Also Read : here are some Prices For Essential Oils

Patchouli Oil Indonesia Benefits

There are so many beauty and health benefits in one drop of essential oil. Some of the most common Patchouli Oil Benefits of Patchouli Oil Product Description include:

  • fights depression
  • boosts immune system
  • works as a natural deodorant
  • stops fungal growth
  • reduces inflammation
  • enhances mood
  • strengthens hair
  • fights infections
  • clears dandruff
  • treats skin conditions
  • works as a bug repellent
  • stimulates hormones
  • fights fever

Patchouli Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

1. Antidepressant

Used for healing medicine because of its aromatherapy and calm nature. if you use patchouli oil and inhale it, it releases the hormones serotonin and dopamine, the hormones that cause anger, anxiety and depression.

Because of its nature which gives calmness and relaxation, patchouli oil is also used when we play music. it’s easy enough to enjoy the benefits that are in patchouli oil five drops input into the diffuser or in burning oil, you can also mix it into hot water.

2. Reduces Inflammation

Can also be used to cure inflammation in the body with patchouli oil which is antiphlogistic. Patchouli oil can also cure internal inflammation, namely gout, for external inflammation skin infections and irritation occur.

Rub five drops of Patchouli Oil Indonesia into your hands and massage your feet, stomach, lower back or any other agitated or inflamed area.

3. Prevents Infections

There is always the risk of small wounds become infected and this leads to bigger problems, like tetanus. Because of its antiseptic properties, patchouli oil can protect sores on the skin from being infected. It also kills fungus, so it can help if you are battling athlete’s foot or another fungal infection. in areas infected with rubbing 2 -3 drops of patchouli oil, can also be used to bathe 5-10 drops to prevent infection.

4. Helps Metabolic System

Can help tighten your liver, stomach, and intestines because patchouli oil is a tonic. This increases your ability to decompose food and absorb nutrients properly, so it impacts your digestive system. With patchouli oil metabolism in the body and energy will increase.

If you use patchouli oil the difference will feel good using it with a diffuser or with an oil burner, it can also be used with food supplements. You can also use it for tea or a glass of water with 1-2 drops.

5. Stimulates Hormones

Patchouli oil will also increase the hormone libido and stimulating sexual drive in the body. It can be be considered as one of the natural remedies for impotency and erectile dysfunction. Can increase your testosterone and estrogen levels, patchouli oil has been used as an aphrodisiac for a long time, and has a big impact on intimate relationships in a partner

6. Strengthens Hair and Skin

Patchouli Oil Indonesia stimulates muscle contractions and, therefore, prevents hair loss or sagging skin. Make the skin look young, patchouli oil also regenerates new skin cells. very good for dry skin, cracked skin and oily skin more easily acne. very many benefits that will arise from this oil. Massage while using five drops of patchouli oil, just five drops for use on your scalp and can also be mixed into your conditioner

7. Minimizes Scars

Patchouli oil has healing properties, so when used it will disguise wounds, pimples, or ulcers. can also be used to cure insect bites. to make it faster than a wound on the skin, rub 2-3 drops of patchouli oil into the hands and apply it to the scars. routinely apply to scars every day and you will see signs disappear.

8. Reduces Insomnia

It’s very important that you can a full night’s sleep; in fact, proper sleep has a positive impact on every system in your body. Because patchouli oil is a sedative, it helps to treat insomnia; it helps to put your mind and body at ease and allows you to rest peacefully.

Simply rub 2–3 drops of patchouli oil into your hands and cup your nose; just by breathing in the sweet scent of patchouli oil, you will experiences the benefits of its sedative properties. You can also touch your temples, neck and chest after rubbing the oil into your hands.

9. Bug Repellent

Patchouli oil with just a few drops can support you. can be used by spray, lotion and diffuser to repel flea ants and flies. You can use when gardening or activities outside the home.

10. Fights Fever

Can fight fever and cope with flu easily that is a benefit of patchouli oil. Kills Inflammation and Reduces Inflammation and Reduces Pain. If you apply to the hands, stomach and neck will also appear cold that is the nature of Indonesian patchouli oil

11. Natural Diuretic

Patchouli oil equipped with water is very good for health: You are removing excess salt, water and uric acid, which is good for your gallbladder diet, kidney natural remedies and even a liver cleanse.

Plant Description Best Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil comes from patchouli plant, Pogostemon cablin, is part of the mint family whose plants are very dense. The height can be up to three feet and has red and white flowers. along the jagged edges. Best Patchouli Oil To Wear Sinkona-atsiri Patchouli essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the patchouli plant.

Organic Patchouli Oil

Main Chemical Components: Patchoulol, α-Bulnesene, α-Guaiene

The main chemical of Patchouli is Patchoulol. Functional alcohol is still one group, has a backbone of sesquiterpenes. and has defensive properties. To learn more about the chemical components found in Patchouli or other essential oils, visit the Sinkona-atsiri Science Blog.

Oils that Blend Well with Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Oil Indonesia blends well with Dark Patchouli, Aged Patchouli Oil, Patchouli Oil Sumatra, Indonesia Patchouli Oil, Patchouli Light Essential Oil Sandalwood, Bergamot, Pappermint, Geranium, Lavender, Rose And Clary Sage Essential Oils for Diffusion. your digestive system. with patchouli oil will provide more energy and help the body better, because of the lucky benefits. Very Contain Very Large To Inhale The Aroma Of Cooking Oil Or Of The Diffuser. can also be added to dietary supplements. also drop 1-2 drops into a teacup or a glass of water.


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Price Of Essential Oil and 15 Complete and Quality Essential Oil Products at affordable prices

Price Of Essential Oil The benefits of essential oils are increasingly recognized by many people. Besides being able to relax, this natural oil can also cure diseases !

Essential Oil Organizer is made from a variety of certain plants. Like, leaves, plants and bark. Its manufacture uses a special method so that it produces oil that has different properties. This oil is made by scientists by the workings of sending chemical messages to parts of the brain. The result will affect mood and emotions. Try to use essential oils if you are nervous. Although the aroma does not eliminate 100% of your stress, but Revive Essential Oils it can help to be more relaxed.

Well, Indonesia is also one of the largest producers of essential oils. Also Read: Here are some Benefits of Patchouli Oil Indonesia

Benefits of Essential Oil for Body Health are:

• Relieves colds

• Substitute eucalyptus oil

• Overcoming acne

• Can be used as a facial spray

• Improve mood

• Household cleaning fluid

• Can calm

• Can relax the body

Price Of Essential Oil

Best Essential Oils and How to Use Essential Oil Essential oils can be used very easily by everyone. Some use it by rubbing it into certain parts of the body, some are put into a diffuser, some use wood sticks

1. Nares Essential Oil

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Nares Essential Oil

This essential oil always prioritizes the wealth of spices in Indonesia. Nares offers more than 10 variants of essential oils that use original resources and are produced in Indonesia. Its natural resources include fragrant lemongrass, kitchen lemongrass, ginger, coffee, nutmeg, cloves, fruit, leaves, roots of typical Indonesian plants, and flowers. Variants such as Green Tea, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Coffee, Ginger, Cinnamon, to Vanilla Rose, and Jasmine. Uniquely, most of the essential things that Nares offers are not only beneficial for the skin. There are several essential oils that you can use for cooking flavorings, laundry deodorizers, ingredients for polishing silver, even for toothache medicine, you know!

Price Of Essential Oil : starting from Rp 130,000

2. Organic Essential Oil Supply Co.

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Organic Essential Oil Supply Co.

Since 2015, Organic Supply Co. including quality essential oils at affordable prices.The packaging design of this product is very minimalist and neat to be a plus point. Organic Supply provides products ranging from basic ingredients for soap, lotions, shampoos, to hydrosol, wax, clay, spices, and of course other reliable products. There are also cosmetic and skincare ingredients such as clay masks, cosmetic additives, cosmetic bases, and many more. One of Organic Supply Co.’s best selling essential oils is lavender. This product is priced at 130 thousand. The aroma that you will get is like a sweet and fresh flower. This type is believed to be a natural room deodorizer, kill bacteria, and eradicate insects.

• Price range: starting from Rp. 90,000

3. House of Jelita

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

House of Jelita

The next local essential oil product is Wangsa Jelita. Jelita House has shaped beauty oil that is useful as a makeup remover, moisturizer, body moisturizer, and treat your hair to be healthy and shiny. There are 5 variants to choose from, namely, Almond, Lavender, Sandalwood, Olive, and Coconut. All of this oil is safe for you to use with any type of skin status. The ingredients that are 100% natural make no suspicion ever exist.  Interested in trying this product?

Price Of Essential Oil : starting from Rp 50,000

4. Haple.Id

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil


This local essential oil may be the only focus for facial skin care. The variants have each property to treat the skin. You can try Grapeseed Oil for acne prone skin, Avocado Oil to moisturize the skin, Rice Bran to treat combination skin, and Almond Oil to help get rid of acne scars. Fun, Haple also sells useful Rose Water as a mixture to find essential oils to be more easily absorbed by the skin.

• Price range: starting from Rp.49,000

5. Nusaroma Essential Oil

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil


Since 2004 Nusaroma has been one of the essential oil and aromatic chemical companies in Indonesia. Nusaroma provides essential oils such as lemongrass, patchouli, nutmeg, and various other, as well as natural aromatic chemical ingredients. This company is run by professionals who have experience in their fields. His research equipment is also supported by modern and complete tools.

• Price range: starting from Rp. 23,350

6. Botanina, Safe Essential Oil for Little Ones

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil


This product you probably heard often, right ? Botanina is a local homecare product and natural body care. Utilizing pure essential oil as an active ingredient to create fresh, indan aroma and therapeutic benefits. The purpose of therapeutic is the result of medical treatment that matches what you want. This product has aromatherapy in the form of bed linen, roll on, and oil. Some Botanina products are deliberately made specifically for the little one, from toddlers to children, to handle various health problems.

• Price range: starting from Rp 65,000 (spray & roll on), Rp 100,000 (oil)

7. Bathaholic Essential Oil

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Bathaholic Essential Oil

Bathaholic is a native Indonesian aromatherapy and spa company. Every raw material is carefully selected and uses the best ingredients. Bathaholic consists of Tea Tree, Therapeutic, Stress Relief, and many more.

• Price Of Essential Oil: starting from Rp. 70,000

8. Eucalie, Safe for Sensitive Skin

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Eucalie’s products

Eucalie’s products are made from superior natural ingredients that are free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, and other chemicals. Therefore this essential oil is safe to use for extra sensitive skin and children. This product comes in two forms, essential oil and roll on.

• Price range: starting from Rp 149,000 (essential oil), Rp 138,000 (roll on)

9. Mustika Ratu Essential Oil

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Mustika ratu

Mustika Rueen taidak only famous for its beauty products. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa under the auspices of Mustika Ratu released aromatherapy products. This product is a health and body care that comes from Keraton, Java. Aromatherapy has variants such as cinnamon, champaca, cloves, and other variants.

  • Price range: starting from Rp 50,000

10. Botanical Sensatia

Price Of Essential Oil
Price Of Essential Oil

Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals is a product originating from Bali. This brand oil has already traveled to the world. The variants consist of Eucalyptus Leaves, Jasmine Sambac, Lavender Buds, Lemongrass, Patchouli Leaves, and Tea Tree Leaves.

  • Price range: starting from RP 124,000

Table of Brands Essential Oils Price Comparison Recommendations and How To Price Essential Oil Blends:

No Essential Oil brand Price range (starting from)
1 Nares Essential Oil Rp 130.000
2 Organic Supply Co. Rp 90.000
3 Wangsa Jelita Rp 50.000
4 Haple.Id Rp 49.000
5 Nusaroma Rp 23.350
6 Botanina Rp 65.000 – Rp 100.000
7 Bathaholic Rp 70.000
8 Eucalia Rp 139.000 – Rp 149.000
9 Mustika Ratu Rp 50.000
10 Sensatia Botanicals Rp 124.000

So, which product do you choose, Friend!

Hopefully the best choice.

That’s 10 EO brands that you can use as an alternative to Cheap Essential Oils. As long as the ingredients used are natural, you don’t need to worry about it. Some of the same affordable and powerful EO honorable mentions brands are: Doterra Essential Oils GoodVibes Organic, Indoganic, The Soap Corner, Mustika Ratu, Utama Spice Bali, Klen and Kind, Bluestone Botanicals and Skin Dewi.

Hopefully Now Essential Oils your health or beauty goals will be achieved by using your chosen EO product. Congratulations on finding the right selection of Price Of Essential Oil products!


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